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Montana Locker Room Privacy Act Petition Needs Your Signature

By August 24, 2017Montana
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Montana Locker Room Privacy Act Petition Needs Your Signature

 We have been asked to partner with our dear friends at Montana Family Foundation to get the message out about an important opportunity to help ensure privacy, safety, and dignity to all boys and girls in Montana schools.  High school girls should never be forced to shower with a boy, even if he does think he’s a girl.  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening in school districts across the United States, and now the issue has reared its head right here in Montana.

We need your help getting the Montana Locker Room Privacy Act on the 2018 ballot.  This will require we get 25,000 signatures from registered voters across the state.

The Montana Locker Room Privacy Act, if passed, will allow boys and girls to be safe and secure in showers, locker rooms, restrooms, and hotel rooms that conform to their biological gender.  There are also allowances in this bill, such as single stall accommodations, for trans-gender students who feel uncomfortable in a standard locker room setting.

Take Action: Please go to and download the petitions, then READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY – so that the signatures you collect count! If you have any questions, please call Montana Family Foundation at 406-628-1141.

Pray:  Dear Lord, We ask for clarity for our confused culture.  We know your word says, “But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female’” in Mark 10:6. So today, Lord, we pray that you would touch the hearts of Montanans who understand the importance of fighting to protect our future generations and understand the importance of preserving the Montana way of life.


Janae Stracke
National Field Director
Concerned Women for America