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Montana Board of Education Overreaches Again with Universal Preschool Plan

By October 30, 2014Montana
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We must stop Early Edge Montana

Gov. Bullock has rolled out his plan for universal preschool. Without your voice TODAY, the Montana Board of Public Education will approve and adopt these new rules on Monday, November 3. We must stop the Governor’s power grab or else many preschools will inevitably be forced to close their doors and government mandated curriculum will be established.

Pray: Pray for Gov. Bullock and the members of the Montana Board of Public Education (BPE). Pray that many Montanans will speak up for preschool-aged children and future generations who cannot speak for themselves. Pray the BPE will listen to the voices of Montanans, and they will do what is truly best for our state. Pray that the letter CWA of Montana sent to the directors of preschools in Montana will open their eyes to the truth and embolden them to attend and speak out at the public hearing on November 3.

Act: E-mail Peter Donovan, executive director of the BPE. Tell him Montana parents deserve to have choices when it comes to their child’s preschool education. Let Mr. Donovan know that privately run preschools have been effectively educating our children for years and have been very successful. Most importantly, I would strongly urge you to consider attending the public hearing on November 3 regarding these new preschool teacher accreditation and preschool curriculum standards. Teachers, parents and concerned citizens who attend should prepare a short, two- minute statement about why they are against these new standards.

Without a large public outcry the BPE will adopt these new rules setting dangerous precedent. With this government-led push for children to enter school at younger and younger ages, we can only assume that eventually universal preschool will become a requirement. All preschool teachers could eventually be forced to have a four-year teaching degree and teach a government- mandated curriculum which includes teaching in accordance with Common Core.

Montana parents deserve to have many choices when it comes to their children’s preschool education. If these new rules are passed eventually preschools with deep community roots will close their doors or be forced to accept federal dollars and teach government-mandated curriculum. Montana ranks last in the country when it comes to choices for our children’s education. Montana families deserve so much more than this governor-led power grab. Speak up today for tomorrow’s generations.

Lastly, this program will cost Montanans a lot of money. Schools are already overcrowded and have tight budgets. Gov. Bullock is proposing a cost of $37 million which would be given to districts in $30,000 non-competitive block grants. This is a drop in the bucket when you look at what other states are spending on universal preschool. Who will be left to foot the bill if this is passed?

We know that God works all things for the good of those who love him and are called according to HIS purpose. Please use the voice He has given you to speak up for our children.

Kari Zeier
State Director
CWA of Montana
(406) 530-9275

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