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Memorial Day Disgrace: Mojave Memorial Stolen

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As Americans prepare to honor our nation’s fallen heroes, a drama is unfolding in the Mojave Desert over a simple cross that commemorates the sacrifices of WW I veterans. Within two weeks of the U.S. Supreme Court deciding that the Mojave cross could stay, the monument was stolen in the middle of the night. Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of the Liberty Institute, gives us this update on the case, which is still in the court system. He explains why we need to be concerned over the removal of that memorial – whether by the courts or vandals. Much is at stake in this case from our religious freedom, to respect for our veterans, to the sanitizing of all public memorials of references to the Christian faith. The Liberty Institute has joined with veterans’ organizations to defend our war memorials called Don’t Tear Me Down. That site contains the complete history of the Mojave case as well as the most recent updates.


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