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Legislative Update and Time Sensitive Action Item: Urge Gov. Noem to Protect South Dakota Children

By February 12, 2023South Dakota
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We have made it easy for you to contact your legislators with our handy “Action Center.” Simply enter your name and address and we will send a pre-written message to your legislator. Remember to follow up your action with prayer!
“Help Not Harm” bill passes!
The “Help Not Harm” bill passed in the Senate this week overwhelmingly. HB1080, a bill to “prohibit certain medical and surgical interventions on minor children,” passed with a vote of 30-4-1. We now anticipate the Governor’s signature.
ACTION: Contact Gov. Kristi Noem using our Action Center and ask her to sign HB1080 quickly.

HB1080 will prohibit the radical “treatment” for gender dysphoria, which involves puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and irreversible surgeries like double mastectomies and genital removal or reconstruction to “become” the opposite sex. The bill allows for civil action for damages to the minor for such treatment. Additionally, if a healthcare professional is in violation of the terms of HB1080, their professional license must be revoked.

You may find more information on CWA’s website here.

Protect Our Constitution

The Constitutional Convention resolutions (Convention of States), HJR5002 and HJR5005, were defeated in the House State Affairs Committee this week. Check the votes here and here. We wanted a YES vote to send it to the 41st day, which kills the bill because there is no 41st legislative day.
Unfortunately, there will be a “smoke out” on Monday or Tuesday.
The “smoke out” rule requires the support of 24 members of the House. If that is achieved, the House State Affairs Committee must send the resolution to the floor “with or without a recommendation.” Then a majority vote is needed to place it on the calendar for a final vote.
ACTION: Contact your two House representatives using our Action Center and urge them to OPPOSE a Smoke Out on HJR5002 and HJR5005.
Talking points:

  • It is too risky to open our Constitution. There is too much national division and radical interest groups.
  • We already have limited government and fiscal restraint stipulations in our Constitution. They just need to be obeyed. The Constitution is not the problem.
  • There is too much uncertainty as to how a Constitutional Convention would be conducted. Would Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer be in charge?
  • Delegates to a Constitutional Convention could set their own rules with a new and weaker ratification mode. 
  • Who selects the delegates? Would California get more than South Dakota? Unknown.
  • Our Second Amendment and Electoral College would be threatened. A right to tax-payer-funded abortion could easily be considered.

Please read our brochure “The U.S. Constitution is Not the Problem!” and “The Case Against Term Limits” to understand this topic.

Good Bill Fails in Committee

HB1163 was a good bill that would prohibit the dissemination of obscene material to minors in a public school or public library. The bill failed in the House Judiciary Committee. The vote sent it to the 41st legislative day. We wanted a No vote.

Father, we thank you for Your grace and mercy on our state and nation. Help us to be a state and nation that blesses and honors You.


In Christ,

Linda Schauer

State Director