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Kansas Education Committee Passes Common Core Bill – HB 2292

By February 23, 2016Kansas
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Four years of effort by CWA of Kansas and other pro-family groups has been put into getting this bill out of committee.  Last Wednesday, February 17, it finally happened!  Kansas House Education Committee passed a bill that effectively disables the Common Core requirement and returns local control to Kansas!

Committee Chair, Rep. Ron Highland (R-District 51), Rep. Tony Barton (R-District 41) and Rep. Joseph Scapa (R-District 88) were very instrumental in getting the job done. A big thank you goes to each one of these representatives.  They kept their word under a great deal of duress.

Prayer:  Pray for unity and courage among conservative representatives.  They will have a great deal of negative opposition.  Pray that they can focus on God and do what is on their hearts and minds to do … get this bill out of the House with no amendments.

Action:  The opposition is gearing up to keep this bill from going forward.  Let us do all we can to get it passed.

  1. Please ask the following legislators to pass HB 2292 with no amendments:
  • Call Speaker Ray Merrick (R-District 27) at 785-296-2302 and/or e-mail him at
  • Call and/or e-mail your representative.  Find their name and contact information here.  Click on “Find Your Legislator” if you don’t know them by name.
  • Thank the four representatives listed above for their effort.  Click here for their contact information.

2. Please ask Gov. Sam Brownback to sign the bill if it comes to him.  Call his office at 785-296-3232 and/or click here to e-mail him.

Thank you for all you do.  You are women and men of courage and strength to step up to this challenge and all the challenges of the past and future.  Please be involved with your local CWA Chapter.  Contact me to find out if there is one in your area and/or how to start one.