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Charlotte City Council Votes YES to Males in Female Bathrooms

By February 24, 2016North Carolina
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“We the people” were not heard! After hearing over two and a half hours of public testimony from over 140 citizens speaking to the Charlotte City Council, on the late evening of February 22, 2016, the transgender nondiscrimination bathroom ordinance passed with a 7-4 vote, legally allowing men, or men appearing as women, to enter women’s restrooms at any time, for any reason.

Charlotte’s Mayor Roberts and City Council heard from thousands of concerned citizens in Charlotte and throughout the state expressing overwhelming opposition to this ordinance. The #DontDoItCharlotte coalition had received on their website over 21,000 signed petitions and in addition, over 250,000 e-mails were sent to Mayor Roberts and the Charlotte City Council.  Mayor Roberts brought the transgender bathroom ordinance to a vote. We thank Council Members Driggs, Fallon, Phipps and Smith for their “NO” vote for standing for the safety and privacy of our woman and children.

Gov. Pat McCrory, former Mayor of Charlotte, strongly voiced his opposition stating, “This ordinance will allow males to enter women’s bathrooms and locker rooms whenever they please, and vice versa for women. It will also set up legal discrimination and adversely impact labor, trade, and commerce in the city of Charlotte.” Gov. McCrory supports an immediate response from the state legislature to nullify this ordinance.

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, stated, “Girls’ bathrooms are for girls; boys’ bathrooms are for boys.  The fact we are even debating this is a sad commentary on where we are as a society.”

Speaking to a crowd of 700 at the Don’t’ Do It Charlotte coalition rally with community, business and faith leaders representing CWA of North Carolina, I said, “This decision allowing men into women’s restrooms, will give special treatment to a small faction of citizens, while unfairly placing our woman and children in potential harm with violation to their privacy, safety, and dignity.”

Thank you to each and every one of you who spoke out against this harmful ordinance now to be implemented by April 1.  You called, e-mailed, spoke to friends and neighbors about it and/or spoke out at the City Council meeting.  Together we spoke the truth in one united voice.

Action: Please take a moment to call our elected officials, mentioned above, who stood in opposition to the transgender nondiscrimination ordinance. Click here for their contact information.

Pray: Pray for strong leadership in our state legislature who will work to nullify this ordinance.  Pray that those who are blinded to the truth will no longer be in bondage to gender identity confusion.

The mission of Concerned Women for America of North Carolina is to shed Biblical light and truth in public policy through prayer and action, thereby upholding the Judeo-Christian values upon which our nation was founded. Watch for legislative updates at