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Iowa: CWA of IA Joins in the She Votes 2012 National Call Day – Saturday, September 22

By September 17, 2012Iowa
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Greetings CWA Leaders and Friends,

This is a critical, CRITICAL election. The very threads holding our Constitution are being stretched to capacity as liberties are being stripped, our unalienable rights removed, our embassies are under attack, 4,000 Americans die in the womb each day, and those children who make it to birth are saddled with our $16 trillion debt. God is in control, but we are also called to civic duty as Christians.

Concerned Women for America members and friends have answered that call by making thousands of calls to ID voters in anticipation of Election Day as part of our She Votes 2012 project. We’re asking YOUR HELP to expand on this part of the project by joining multiple conservative groups in a national call day to help save our Republic.

She Votes 2012 Call Day ~ September 22, 2012
The goal: 84,000 calls per hour resulting in 1 million calls in one day.
Join us for fun, food, fellowship and drawings at our call center for gift cards.
Anytime between 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
1231 8th Street, Suite 222, West Des Moines, IA.

~ OR ~

Bring a group together in your town, at home or in your church and create your own call center.

~ OR ~

If you can’t get away, you can still help make calls from home.
If you can make calls for 20 minutes, YOU COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
This system is so easy you can be incognito and make calls while you’re sipping coffee, folding laundry, sitting on the deck, waiting for kids at soccer, or commuting.

~ PLUS ~

CWA CEO and President, Penny Nance, has offered to call any group that has 10 or more volunteers to thank them and encourage them in their efforts.

It gets better – Penny will come do an event in the state that makes the most calls on Saturday, September 22, 2012.

~ WHY? ~

With only half of the Christians in the United States currently registered to vote and even less actually voting, we have an incredible opportunity in this election to turn the tide as we get out the vote!

How does this work? It’s simple! Sign up to be a She Votes 2012 volunteer, and we will provide simple instructions on how you can participate. In short, you will be making calls through a system that automatically links you to individuals who you will ask to listen to a brief statement and then answer one question. You will record their answers into your touchtone phone and then be put through to the next person.

Will you partner with us in these crucial efforts! Sign up today! Deadline is tomorrow to sign up to call from home.

Women, men and teens are all welcome and encouraged to participate.

Mark your calendar and sign up now! Pass this on to as many friends as possible. Help us reach our goal and change the tide for our great nation.

Important: Please sign up on or before Tuesday, Sept 20, 2012 if you will be calling on your own from home. If you are joining us in Des Moines there is no need to sign up.

For more information on Concerned Women for America’s She Votes 2012 project go to