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Georgia: 180 Minutes Could Be The Game Changer for November 6th

By September 16, 2012Georgia
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Fellow Georgians,

Are you up for a challenge? She Votes 2012 is kicking it up a notch with National Call Day on September 22 and we need YOU to be a part. Do you have one, two or three hours this Saturday, September 22 to make a difference for our country?

As you know America is now $16 trillion in debt, and the debt is growing $3.95 billion a day. Religious freedom is under attack as mandatory “health care” regulation take effect. And most importantly, 4,000 unborn children are being slaughtered each day in this nation.

Concerned Women for America members and friends have made thousands of calls to ID voters in anticipation of Election Day as part of our She Votes 2012 project. With this information, we will be able get out the conservative vote in high numbers with reminder calls, transportation assistance and more. To expand on this part of the project we have decided to join multiple conservative groups in a national call day on Saturday, September 22 from 9:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. The goal: 84,000 calls per hour resulting in 1 million calls in one day.

How does this work? It’s simple! Sign up to be a She Votes 2012 volunteer, and we will provide simple instructions on how you can participate. In short, you will be making calls through a system that automatically links you to individuals who you will ask to listen to a brief statement and then answer one question. You will record their answers into your touchtone phone and then be put through to the next person.

Will you partner with us in these crucial efforts? Sign up today! The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, September 18.

The Georgia Challenge: If you pull a group of five or more together, I will give the person in your group who makes the most calls a $10 Chick-fil-A gift certificate. This will be by the honor system so you will need to have your callers track the number of calls they each make. Take down and e-mail me the name and number of the person who wins, and I will send a gift certificate to them.

In addition, if your group is ten or larger, CWA’s CEO and President Penny Nance will call and encourage your group as they make phone calls.

Please be sure everyone in your group signs up before Tuesday, September 18. Drop me an e-mail or call the state office at 770-617-1987 if you plan to organize a phone calling party. We need YOU!!