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For America (Prayer 130)— A Prayer for Public Officials

By September 6, 2023News and Events, Prayer
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Dear Heavenly Father,
Our nation has turned from You
And so have many of our nation’s leaders.
Have mercy on us.

As followers of Jesus Christ,
We come to You with hearts that are remorseful
For the atrocities that corrupted elected officials have participated in
And humbly plea with You, our Heavenly Father: forgive us.

We draw a definite line in the sand on behalf of our nation,
Asking of You, Father, to bring low all government officials
Who would seek to cause permanent harm to our republic
In the name of their own self-gratification and hunger for power.

We also ask with confidence that You would raise up the “Daniels”
Who will not sway to government persecution
And the “Davids” who will honor You, Almighty God,
In every way as they serve the people through their public service.

We thank You Lord
For those who have stood for Truth and not rescinded their stance
In the face of opposition. Please strengthen their body, mind, and soul
And bless the work of their hands as they seek to honor You.

We ask this is the Name of Jesus,