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For America (Prayer 128)

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Thank You for the Christian principles
That founded this country and a history of
Faithful Christians that we can look back on as reminders
Of Your grace here in America.

We ask that You guide Your Church
In spreading the Gospel.
We ask for unity in our faith so that
Your followers might be encouraged
To share and practice their faith in the public sphere.

We ask that You protect our freedom to share
The good news of salvation that You freely offer.
Our opponents try to harden hearts and stop others
From hearing Your Word. Others attempt to
Force Your people to reject Your teachings and conform to the world.

Despite these obstacles, our hope remains in You.
From Scripture, we know Your will will be done
No matter what the wicked do,
For they have no power over our risen Christ.

For those facing obstacles in Your Name,
We pray that You comfort them and
Embolden them to persevere in the faith.
Help us to use this suffering to Your glory.

We pray that You work in this country
To return to the values of Christian freedom on which it was founded,
So that Your people can freely follow You.
Help us, Lord, to do Your will here in America.

We praise You for the work of Your people.
Protect us, guide us, and lead us,
So that we may walk in Your will and delight in Your way,
To the glory of your Name.


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