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For America (Prayer 127) – A Prayer for Abortionists

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Dear Heavenly Father, 

Thank You for your sovereignty
And for the grace that You extend to everyone. 
Today, I’d like to pray
For abortionists across the world.

Lord You, and only You,
Can soften hearts and change lives.
Would You open their eyes
To the reality of abortion?

Help them see the humanity
Of the children they are killing. 
Lord, I pray that You would lead them
To the foot of the cross.

Lead them to repent of their sins.
Make them new creations in You
And use their stories and experiences as abortionists
To protect the lives of innocent children. 

Forgive us for any time
We focus on them as our enemies, Lord.
Help us remember our battle is not against flesh and blood,
But against the spiritual forces of darkness. 

We ask this in faith
Giving all glory to You forever and ever, Father.
You reign above it all. 

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