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For America (Prayer 126) – A Prayer for Justice at Justice

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In times of trouble, we turn to You LORD
And in trouble we are.
Turn Your gaze towards us and forgive us
For You are our hiding place.

You alone are our shelter from the storm,
You, our refuge and strength.
Let not Your anger be kindled forever.
Show us the way of righteousness and peace.

Increase our desire for Truth.
Let us seek You while You may be found,
And let not the deceiver have his way
Seducing many hearts as he has in recent days.

Justice is corrupted and wielded as a weapon;
Lies as dense as lead, as profound as the sea
Are routinely used to unjustly justify
The selfish actions of the powerful and merciless.

Help us, LORD.
We cannot trust our current leaders;
They have no fear of You;
They break Your every commandment.

They consistently seek after all You hate
Pride, deceit, wickedness, and mischief.
Their hands bear the mark of innocent blood.
They’re experts at giving false witness and sowing discord.

Therefore, we ask for Your Truth
To break forth like the sunrise.
Arise, LORD, and expose every evil deed done in secret;
Let the deceivers receive the shame due to them.

Rise up a generation seeking after righteousness.
Give us leaders who rely on heavenly wisdom;
Like Solomon, let them not seek after riches or long life.
May we remember that a life seeking after holiness is not too much to ask.

And send us workers Lord, we pray as You command,
Workers willing to do what must be done
In times as these where, as in the time of the judges,
Everyone does what is right in their own eyes.

We pray for Christlikeness in our shepherds.
We pray for power and boldness.
We pray for a unison voice bathed in holiness and truth
To be heard in every corner or our land.

We pray for a turn to You—
For revival.
In Jesus’s holy name,

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