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For America (Day 8)

By November 11, 2014Prayer
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Abba, Father, we praise Your Name!
We give you thanks for the men and women
Who serve in our military.

We pray your protection over them and their families.
May they feel Your call to righteousness and justice.
Deliver them, O Lord, from evil men
Who set their mind on destruction.

Don’t grant, O Lord, the desires of the wicked.
Do not allow their treacherous schemes to prosper.
Bring them to shame and reproach
That Your righteousness might be exalted.

Make haste, O Sovereign God, to the aid
Of those who seek after You sincerely and fervently.
May our servicemen thirst after You above all.
May those in leadership move in fear of Your Holiness.

Forgive us our trespasses, and give us hope.

We pray for peace for America and the world,
And we pray for the personal peace
Of those who have sacrificed so much
So that we can be free to worship You.

We do not take it for granted;
We know freedom comes at a price.
You paid that ultimate price,
And today we enjoy the blessings of Your infinite grace.

Thank you.

In Jesus’ Holy name,