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For America (Day 78)

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You meant it all for good;
All of it — for our sake and Your glory.
Like the sound of a thousand raindrops,
We sing, “Thank You.”

For as we walked through the desert
You never let go, and even
Provided drink — the daily refreshment —
To meet our need.

We thank You, for You provided “You,”
And You are our sustenance,
The nourishment that fills our souls
With gladness and thanksgiving.

Your nearness is our comfort;
Your breath keeps us warm.
It is by Your every word that we live,
And walk, and smile.

By Your hand we are protected,
As Your angels fight behind
The scenes You have created
To refine, and craft, and purify.

Therefore, we recount Your wondrous deeds,
We proclaim Your works of old,
And exclaim with every breath
That You still live! And You are here.

Your word has never failed;
Every promise, every prayer, answered and fulfilled,
So that there’s not a single reason to ever doubt
That You’ll come back. You said You will.

Oh, that glorious day of Your return
When every tear will be wiped out!
We’ll keep on singing with the rain:
“Our GOD, He reigns! He is here! He is here!”