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For America (Day 73)

By October 20, 2016Prayer
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Great “I Am,” Lord and Master,
We have no confidence in our own virtue
But rely on Your moving Spirit within us
To know everything that is good and true and acceptable.

Out of the dryness of our hearts,
We call on You Who are the Spring of Water
Flowing to everlasting life,
With full confidence in Your fatherly embrace.

Have mercy on our country;
Turn our hearts to You.
Do not let us be wise in our own eyes,
But let us grasp our poverty, expectantly.

For You will exalt the humble;
You will subdue the proud.
Let meekness be spread in every city,
And lowliness elevated in every office.

Make us slow to speak, Oh Lord,
Quick to listen and empathize with others.
Give us the strength to reject the noise
And learn from that great teacher of old: silence.


We reject the world’s wisdom
And submit every idle thought
To Your Holy Word.
Let it be near us every day of our lives.

Give us the discernment we need
To govern in a way that brings glory to Your Name.
Forgive us our trespasses,
Our betrayals of Your loving counsel.

We thirst for justice and righteousness;
We seek Your light to shine among men.
Give us the courage to love as You love.
We pray these things sincerely and without stipulation.

In Jesus’ Name,

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