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For America (Day 72)

By October 18, 2016Prayer
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Lost no more, I stand amazed
On Solid Rock, while others fade,
Vying forever to proclaim
Eternal life in Jesus’ Name.

Good Father, Savior of mankind
Ordain Your will here in our land,
Destroy the enemy’s murderous plans,
And give us strength to follow Your commands.

By Your Word we live and breathe,
Observing Your hand at work in all,
Voicing our doubts and fears and tears,
Explaining all truth, lightening our load.

Amazing grace that took our sins,
Limping though we came.
Listened to that Gospel hymn,
And we’ve never been the same.

Not by might, but by Your Spirit
Do as You please, take it all.
Never to go back, we’ve come,
Ending to begin, dying to be born.

In love, come near, restore and
Give the loving discipline You must.
Hell does not stand a chance
Before Your loving touch.

On Calvary our sins You bore
Reject not our pleas for help.
All we are and have we owe to You,
Savior, God, “I AM,” Lord.

See how helpless we are,
Even in supposed strength.
Let us not be blind, but trust in You
Forever, and ever, Amen.

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