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For America (Day 71) – An Election Time Prayer

By October 12, 2016Prayer
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Lord, we cry out to You
For wisdom, for guidance
And for discernment
As we select our leaders.

Only You know the heart of man;
We are so easily deceived and manipulated.
Gives us Your wisdom;
Cover us with Your grace and Truth.

We are not anxious,
But we bring everything
Through prayer and supplication, in thanksgiving,
Making known to You our desires and needs.

Also our many shortcomings, O God.
We have gotten it wrong so many times.
Let us not lean on our own understanding,
That we may trust in Your Word and Your Spirit.

We thank You for Your constant provision.
You are merciful and understanding;
You are slow to anger and quick to heal.
We can trust Your Sovereign hand.

Therefore, we need not fret,
We need not let our emotions be taken
Here and there with the changing winds
Of the spirit of this age.

We pray against the Enemy’s schemes,
He is the father of lies — a murderer and a thief.
Clothe us with Your full armor
That we may resist each and every attack.

We pray for spiritual leaders
Who forsake their own opinions to act
Only as servants of the King,
Doing — as Jesus — nothing but what the Father does.

Let us be such servants.
Snatch away from us anything we many not even be aware
Is hurting us from within;
Make us more like You.


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