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For America (Day 7)

By November 10, 2014Prayer
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Our Father in Heaven.
Your Name be praised forever.
Thy will be done on earth, as in heaven.

In thanksgiving we approach You with all humility.
Knowing that we depend on You for our very being.

We want to lift up the plight of all those in war and civil unrest around the world.
We pray for our men and women serving in our military at home and abroad.
We ask that You bless them and their families.
We ask that You guide them as they risk their lives for our freedom.

We ask that You protect them from harm
And bring them safely home.

Above all, we ask that they may know You, Lord,
That they may know You more deeply every day.
Give them courage and strength to withstand all that is thrown at them,
And protect their hearts and minds from the horrible pains of war.

We ask for those who are home suffering the injuries of war,
That you may keep them ever in Your hand and healing care,
That you make also keep them often in our minds,
So we may honor their sacrifices
And live up to the high standard of sacrifice they have exemplified for us.

We ask that You forgive us when we mistreat them,
Or show little sympathy and/or understanding for them.
We pray that we would all learn to live outwardly as you have called us to live through your word.

Help us keep Your ways, Oh God.
Helps us depart from all iniquity.
Help us to reject pride and envy against our fellow men.
Help us to look to You and be satisfied with You.

You have told us in Your word that You will show Yourself merciful to those who are merciful;
But with the devious, You will show Yourself shrewd.
Let us always stand for mercy and truth.

Who is God except You, Lord?
Who is our rock and our salvation, except You, oh heavenly Father?
Is it not You who have kept us all these years?
Was it not You at the founding of America,
Just as You are here with us today?

We trust You and depend on You — not for what You can give us, but for who You are.

We ask these things, in the name of Your Son, Jesus the Christ,