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For America (Day 6)

By November 9, 2014Prayer
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Oh Sovereign God, Who knows all and loves all,
Praise be to Your name!

We cry out for Your heart;
For a heart that loves You above all,
And our fellow man as ourselves.

How unloving we can be, Oh God;
How uncharitable, unkind, unappreciative,
Unapproachable, unattached, unauthentic,
Unavailable, ungenerous, ungracious,
Unconcerned, unfair, ungrateful,
Unstable, unhelpful, and unreliable.

Yet in You …

In You we can be transformed
Into a different people;
A caring people;
A charitable people;
A kind people;
An appreciative, approachable, gracious,
Helpful, stable, reliable people.

In You. …

Put in us such a heart, Oh God.
May we love as You love.

Put in us the willingness to give ourselves
For our fellow men
That they may see Your love through us.

Let us be Your hands and feet,
To mend the heavy hearts,
To alleviate the heavy load of worry
And the anxious cares of life.

In Jesus, our Lord,