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For America (Day 68)

By September 30, 2016Prayer
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Lord Jesus,
Teach us to count our days.
We are but for a moment;
Your Word endureth forever.

Help us not to waste our lives
With the trivialities of this age,
Or the pursuit of publicity or fame,
Teach us to die to self.

Grant us the grace to take up our cross
And follow You wherever You go,
For You have overcome the world.
You are the resurrection and the life.

Deliver us from our social media prisons.
Give us the strength to break away
From the crowed-approved, self-medicating methods,
That lead only to despair and even suicide.

May the fear of the Lord come upon us.
Drive us to prayer and Scripture
That we may feast on the true Bread of Life,
You. Jesus, our Savior.

Put to death our idle spirits,
And help us to see the beauty
Of hard work and small rewards here on earth,
Trusting in Your omniscient accounting.

We accept in faithful obedience
That in this world we will have trouble,
Recognizing that in You (through You)
We will experience peace beyond understanding.

Teach us to love You,
To obey You,
To honor You;
Teach us to worship You.

In spirit and in truth,
We seek to know You, Lord.
Do not hide Your face from us,
But grant us Your mercy.

In Christ, we pray,

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