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For America (Day 63)

By September 12, 2016Prayer
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Father God, Creator, King,
We thank you.
Who, but you, loves unconditionally,
The rebellious at heart?

For we all have sinned,
All have turned away from good
To pursue the desires of the flesh,
To experience the pain of disobedience.

But you have given us the gift of mind and reason
That we may do the moral math
And resolve to wake up to the spiritual reality
That governs our lives.

Teach us, we pray, how to use this gift.
Ignite our imagination to Your promises.
Write Your Truth in our hearts,
And give us words to express what was once hidden.

That with your help, we may wake up to the enemy’s lies,
That with your favor, we may reject his mendacious overture,
That with your wisdom, we may choose beauty,
And justice, and peace, and joy,

To proclaim the year of our Lord,
His wonderful mercies, renewed with the dew of the morning;
His grace, sufficient in every way;
His precepts, able to fulfill our every desire.

Grant us a vision for our lives and our land.
Open our eyes to Your purposes,
That we may align our lives accordingly.
Lift us from our doubts, into your marvelous light.

For You, O Lord, are One —
The Way, the Truth and the Life;
You are the resurrection.
We, from You and for You.


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