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For America (Day 60)

By August 24, 2016Prayer
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Make haste, O God, to deliver us –
Our hope, our way, our strength.
Let those who hate Your truth be put to shame.
Let them grow weary and tired of their scheming thoughts.

Let Your children rejoice in the land
As they see your judgments upheld.
May Your people lift Your name on high,
Proudly proclaiming Your Gospel.

Let the glad tidings of great joy sound in the streets once again;
Peace on Earth, goodwill to men.
For You Live. You live. You Live!
He Who was, still is, and will be forevermore.

Make haste, O Lord, to renew us.
Revive us again.
May those who put their trust in You
Rejoice and be glad in You.

Let us proclaim today as the day of Salvation,
While there is still time.
May we surrender our self at the altar of joy;
Your joy, our joy. Your peace, our peace.

We are but little children, O God, make haste!
Come to our rescue.
Let your loving discipline be on us as a sweet balm,
Healing our hearts and minds.

Healing our land.
Our appeal is to Heaven,
To the Hope of our Salvation,
To the Almighty, ruler of all.

To Jesus Christ, Our Lord,
In whose name we live,
And pray,

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