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For America (Day 54)

By August 11, 2015Prayer
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Oh Lord, how majestic is Your Name in all the Earth!
Your glory overwhelms us.
Your good deeds are all around us.
How can we escape Your greatness?

In light of that, Father God,
We ask You to give us ears to hear.
Give us the strength and discipline to be
Slow to speak and quick to listen.

Help us tame our tongues.
Your Words tells us if we are able to control our tongues,
We’d be able to control our whole body;
In humbleness we say, “Amen!” Let it be so.

Even in our listening, give us the discernment
That we may separate the wisdom of this age
From the sweet delight of Your counsel.
May we thirst for Your statutes day and night.

When we speak, Abba Father,
Let us speak Your wisdom.
May everything we say feel and taste of You.
May it be said of us as was said of Your disciples: “They have been with Jesus.”

Your Word tells us that just as a forest is set ablaze
By a very small fire,
So our tongues are capable of setting on fire
The entire course of life.

Help us to avoid such foolishness
As is sure to bring much harm to our lives.
Instead, let us use our tongues to proclaim
The goodness and mercy of our LORD Who reigns on high.

May the fire we see through our speech
Be the fire of the Holy Spirit’s mighty work
In the lives of those around us.
We are at Your disposal, Mighty King of Kings.

As a captain at the helm directs
An enormous ship with a very small rudder,
So let Your Spirit be the captain of our tongues,
That the powerful effect may be felt all over our land.

In the precious name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, we pray,