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For America (Day 5)

By November 8, 2014Prayer
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Father, help us to focus our eyes on eternity.
May we see the world through Your eyes,
As opposed to seeing through worldly eyes.
Help us to put our hope in the Creator
And not simply on created things.

Oh God, Who created our inmost being,
And knows the deepest parts of us,
Our souls find rest in Your love.
We find our value in who You alone say we are.
May our joy be found simply in being near You.

When the enemy throws lies at us,
Give us a quick recollection of Your Truths
And let evil gain no foothold.
Thank You for Your faithfulness,
For when we are tempted
You always give us a way out
So that we may stand up under it.

May we be “life-givers” in every area —
Through our words and actions toward others,
And our thoughts, heard only by You.
May we not aim to please those around us,
But to please You and You alone.