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For America (Day 47)

By March 9, 2015Prayer
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Lord, we praise You
For Your justice and mercy.
You are slow to anger
And overflow with love.

Your law is perfect,
Your judgments beyond reproach;
Your testimonies are sure,
Your commandments pure.

They are to be desired more than all riches.
They are sweeter than honey straight from the honeycomb.
They convert the soul, make wise the simple,
Give life, rejoice the heart, and will endure forever.

Who can stand in judgment of Your decrees?
You make no mistakes.
Your wisdom surpasses all human understanding.
If we knew as much as You, we’d do exactly as You do.

Give us a proper fear of Your holiness
As we stand in Your presence.
Open our eyes that we may behold Your majesty.
Expand our minds that we may properly assess our standing before You.

May that reality help us walk upright
With a clean conscience and moldable will,
Entrusting everything, indeed our very lives,
Wholly and only to You.

With thanksgiving, we lay before You
All our anxieties.
We ask that You illuminate our path
As individuals, a people, and a country.

We humbly ask for the forgiveness
Of our sins of commission and omission.
We repent of our wicked ways,
And we surrender at Your feet.

In Christ Jesus, Your Son and our Savior, we pray,

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