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For America (Day 46)

By March 4, 2015Prayer
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Wonderful, Merciful, Graceful Lord,
Hallowed be Thy Name!
May Your Words be cherished
Through the ages.

Your statutes, oh Lord,
Are more valuable than gold.
They bring life,
And that, more abundantly.

By Your Word we attain
Wisdom and knowledge.
By Your Word we have hope
And joy and peace.

Some trust in military might,
Others in clever political schemes,
But we trust in the Lord our God
And in every word You have given us.

Your Word is sweeter than honey,
We delight in Your precepts.
We take pleasure from seeing
Your principles reign all around us.

And we grieve for those
Who foolishly reject them,
As a man denies the sun
By covering it with his fingers.

You and Your Word are reality.
There is much happiness and rejoicing
When we obey Your commandments,
When we heed Your precepts.

Oh, but how much sorrow there is
In a house that forgets them,
That operates on human wisdom alone,
That selfishly lives for its own.

We know the road well,
That dark road of human wisdom,
And it leads only to pain;
The pain of sin, leading to death.

Not so when we operate
Under Your divine wisdom.
Therefore, we cling to Your statutes
As one hanging from a cliff clings for his very life.

In Your Mercy, sustain us
And give us the words to
Share these Words of Life
With everyone around us.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray,