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For America (Day 44)

By February 24, 2015Prayer
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Our Father in Heaven,
We come before you today
Making our requests known to You
With thanksgiving and praise.

We pray for fathers in our nation,
The ones You have called to lead
Their family in godliness and righteousness,
That they may feel the burden of their call.

How far, oh Lord, have we strayed away
From that perfect model You gave us.
How long have we neglected to be servants
As Your Son came to serve, not to be served.

Forgive us, and help us to turn back.
Give us the strength to believe that we can
Indeed turn back, that it is not too late
To be giving and kind, loving and strong.

Help fathers see they can repair relationships
That have gone astray,
That they can, with Your help, restore
Their lives and their families.

Give fathers a love for their children
Like the one You have for us.
Kill the selfishness within them
And help them gain wisdom above all.

Help the young men who grew up
Without a father look to You.
For as You have promised us,
Though mother or father forsake us, You will receive us.

Make this promise a reality in America.
May we see an increased harvest of
Godly men, who fear You and love righteousness,
Rise up to lead our country in the days ahead.

Help the mothers raising young men alone.
Give them a supernatural wisdom and strength
To endure in faithfulness to You,
Giving You priority in their lives.

In Your Holy name,