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For America (Day 42)

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Teach us to pray, oh Lord,
Teach us to pray.
How we long to be in Your presence,
To behold Your majesty and love.

Thank You for the freedoms You have the bestowed on our nation,
That we are free to pray and worship You
As our conscience dictates without the heavy hand of government
Oppressing us at every side.

This is an unbelievable mercy!
We look around the world and see the suffering of our brothers and sisters;
We know that such liberties are not the norm.
As You told us in Your Word, many suffer for Your name’s sake.

Blessed are they!

But we give You thanks for this light of freedom You’ve allowed for a time;
May America continue to shine around the world.
May we never turn and show contempt for Your Truth
And the incredible opportunity You have given us.

May America’s light of freedom continue to shine for many years.
Help us, Your people, Your church, protect it with zeal.
For we see many forces going against it to extinguish it,
Many who love the darkness more than the light.

Equip us to meet the challenges ahead.
Help us to never doubt Your perfect will,
To see with spiritual eyes.
Helpless us endure … till Your return.


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