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For America (Day 40)

By January 27, 2015Prayer
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Dear Lord and Abba, Father
May Your name be forever praised and
Proclaimed in all the earth.
You alone are Holy and just!

We come before You asking for Your protection
Over Your people Israel.
We remember still the Holocaust
And we humbly ask that You make us sensitive
To anti-Semitism everywhere,
Even in our own land.

We pray for Israel
And our Jewish brothers,
That they’d be drawn closer to You every day,
For only in You there is ultimate protection.

We know this for we remember also
How You brought Your people out of Egypt
Through miracles too marvelous to comprehend.
You and You alone delivered them.

So we praise Your name, oh Yahweh,
And we put all our trust in You.
We ask that You would use us
In the defense of Your people.

And help us to never doubt
Your severing hand, ruling in the affairs of men.
Grant us Your wisdom and understanding.
Grant us a heart of compassion.

Grant us a heart of love, even as we battle our worst enemies.
Let us open our eyes to injustice and oppression
Anywhere in the world.
May we care about others,
As we care about ourselves.