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For America (Day 4)

By November 7, 2014Prayer
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Oh Father,

We are a nation turning rapidly away from You. We deserve Your judgment. But You promise that when Your people pray, seek Your face, humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, You will hear from Heaven, will forgive, and heal our land. We love this land, and we love You. Help us to walk the straight and narrow path. Help us to be men and women of character and goodness.

Let this nation be great once again because its people seek goodness. Awake our nation, and do not let us dissolve. We are blessed to be one of the only nations founded on Your Truth. Let this not be lost. Let us not lose it by our own disobedience, ignorance, and apathy.

Let today be the day that Your watchmen, Your own people, please You and start a change of tide in this once great and blessed nation.

We have been given an American heritage that undeniably reflects Your favor upon this nation. Let us not forget that. Let us proclaim the wonderful works You have done for us, for our fathers and mothers, and those founding souls who changed the course of history because they tried to be faithful to You.

To God be the glory. It is in You, God, that we trust.