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For America (Day 39)

By January 22, 2015Prayer
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Forgive us most gracious Father,
We have committed grave sins.
We have tried to make ourselves gods,
Betraying the most basic of Your commandments.

You are the Giver of life,
Yet our nation has seen it fit to second-guess Your judgments
And end millions of Your precious creations, made in Your image,
Before they are even out of the womb.

Forgive us.
Oh, have mercy on us, Lord.

How callous can we be?
How ignorant and blind?
How can we not see that in our selfishness
We self-destruct?

It is suicide, rather than murder
Which ultimately defines us.
Judgment is upon us
And our eternal destiny is at stake.

Open our eyes, therefore, Lord;
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear
Your love, forgiveness and warning
For every life on earth.

Give us the strength to open our mouths
And proclaim Your righteousness and mercy
Every day of our lives
Until You come.

Give us a humble spirit of service,
Concern and sympathy.
Give us courage and boldness.
Rise up Your Church, Lord.

In Your name,