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For America (Day 38)

By January 21, 2015Prayer
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Glory in the highest;
Our Savior reigns!
For there is no other Name on earth,
Or above or below, to whom every knee should bow…

But to Yours, the Great I Am,
Lord and Master, we recognize
Our weaknesses before You
And ask for Your forgiveness.
Give us this day our daily mercies
and renew us.

We recognize, O Lord, that
Division is the devil’s game.
So we pray for the miracle of unity
To be born anew in our Congress.

We pray for Your mighty hand
To tear down the walls that divide us.
We pray for a true spirit of humility and service
Among those whom You have called to lead our nation.

We pray kindness and goodwill.
We pray for a spirit of seeing others
As better than ourselves;
For a willingness to lift up our neighbors.

May our leaders’ eyes be ever upon You,
The Author and Finisher of our faith and freedom.
May You be our nation’s refuge in times
Of trouble and comfort, war or peace.

Do not leave us to our own understanding, O Lord.
Do not leave our souls destitute.
Keep us from the snares that are laid before us,
And frustrate the plans of those who would do us harm.

In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ we pray,