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For America (Day 36)

By January 19, 2015Prayer
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A prayer of thanksgiving to the God
Who has shed His grace upon America.
It because of Your grace and love for mankind
That we are not consumed in Your wrath.

God, look at us with eyes of mercy and not judgment.
Revive our hearts to long after You.
Revive our lives so that we care more
About what You have said in Your Word
Than our arrogant opinions and how we feel.

Let us see a nation-wide display
Of Your transforming power on the human heart.
Let us see those who would fight against the light
Become the light in the midst of the darkness.

Raise up more salt and light soldiers in our country
Who are willing to stand for what You stand, God.
Give us courage and humility to rely on You
And ascribe to You the glory due Your name.