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For America (Day 35)

By January 12, 2015Prayer
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Our God and Creator,

In 1776 America was a national experiment of freedoms the world had never seen before, and You have kept Your hands on us since then. You are the Author of our unalienable rights. You give us the right to life because we are wonderfully and purposefully made by Your hands. You give us Liberty, so we can choose Your Lordship and mercy willfully. You give us happiness and pleasures to pursue in this life, so that we will be lead in more godliness and virtue.

Our freedoms are freedoms as long as we protect them in Your grace, God; our freedoms are not freedoms if they are to indulge in wickedness; if so that freedom has mutated to bondage destined to a destructive end. Give us leaders who realize this difference and keep our lives full of peace. Remind us of this when we decide our fate at the polls. May we be obedient and faithful stewards of all you have given America, especially the freedom to choose. God, use us to be a beacon of Your rights and freedom endowed to each and every person. May we not take advantage of Your blessings but use them to honor You, for these rights have no validity without You.

With all You have given us Lord, we declare and celebrate our dependence on You. Open our eyes, enlarge our faith, and cause us to rise up in the freedoms You have given us.