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For America (Day 34)

By January 6, 2015Prayer
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Today, Lord, we want to offer a prayer for the family,
That magnificent unit of Your design, when you proclaim that glorious day,
That “Man shall leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife”
And that these two “shall become one …”

This oneness leaves us speechless …
There is a power hidden inside it that is beyond measure.
Within it both the trials and laughers of life are shared
And treasured, strengthening the heart and mind beyond comprehension.

Bone to bone, flesh to flesh, dust to dust;
That which God has united, no one can separate.
That which God has created, no one can destroy,
Apart from His holy purposes.

Would You leave us to our own understandings, O God?
Would You allow the enemy to continue his path of destruction forever?
No! But You have appointed a day,
A day of adjudication and glorification.

It is done, though not yet manifested,
Therefore we can sing the song of thanksgiving
In a faith more real than the firmest surface we can touch.
It is done; it is finished; we have victory.

Therefore, we hold fast to You in our own families,
And we lift up in prayer every family in our nation.
Have mercy on us. Do not repay us according to what we deserve,
But protect us in Your love and mercy.

Open our eyes …

Strengthen husbands, fathers and brothers in the faith.
Guard our wives, mothers and sisters.
Give us unity of mind and spirit,
Fortify the family in America.

That we may see the fruits
Of following Your wise counsel
In our lives and
In our country’s life.

Until Your return,