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For America (Day 33)

By January 5, 2015Prayer
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We cry out for our nation,
We cry out for those in deep need,
In this new year, O Lord

We pray that a spirit of service
And love for one another may reign
In 2015, where we hold tightly to Your beautiful admonition,
“Love God above all and your neighbors as yourself.”

We pray for Your Word to be exalted
And proclaimed with renewed interest in our country,
For we are more than our bodies
And we do not live by bread alone but by Your every Word.

Help us to see, Your beauty and awesome acts
For, who can do the incredible things that You do?
Who can create out of nothing?
Who can give meaning and purpose and peace?

There is none like You
And we worship You.

Give us the strength to stand up to the enemy, Lord.
Give us the confidence to stand boldly on Your Word,
On the incredible promises You have already given us
Through the Holy Scriptures.

Your Word is Truth
And we will proclaim that Truth
In every area of our lives,
Including in every area of public policy.

May we proclaim it both humbly and powerfully,
For Your glory,

Amen and Amen.