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For America (Day 26)

By December 10, 2014Prayer
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Precious Father, You are our dwelling place,
Our refuge and safe haven.
From generation to generation we turn to You
For there is none other in Heaven or Earth –
None who can bring the peace that You give,
None who can quench the thirst like You can,
None who can bring relief to tormented souls,
None who can mend our wounds like You can,
And none who can pardon our sins,
Opening the doors of heaven
And bridging the gap from our imperfect beings
To a holy, perfect God.

Before there was anything, You were (You are).
You spoke, and it was done.
It was through You and because of You
That we were created (that everything was created),
And it is in You that we still have life today.
You are from everlasting to everlasting.

You have been good and patient with us.
You have dealt justly and gracefully with us.
America would not exist but by Your intervening hand,
What a wondrous thought!

Intervene yet again, Merciful Savior,
If it be Your will, we ask for a Great Awakening,
That every man, woman, and child may handle
Your glory with fear and trembling again.
May our leaders at every level feel that eternal weight of glory
Calling them to justice and peace.

May we not be consumed by Your righteousness and anger.
In our ignorance, let us not remain blind to the clear
Violation of Your statutes;
But let our hearts be tuned, once again, to the sweet frequency of Your song.

May America sing that joyous song of salvation
Till the day of Your return.