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For America (Day 25)

By December 9, 2014Prayer
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How lovely is Your presence, O Lord, Creator of the universe!
In You we have fullness of spirit and light,
How grateful we are of your great mercy.
That You hear our call, is incredibly humbling and brings great joy.

Today, we ask especially for those struggling with pornography.
What influence the enemy has through this material;
And how he uses it to destroy individual lives,
Families, and societies alike.

We pray You would grant relief to those who do not know
How to break the chains that tie them to this horrible industry.
We lift up the spouses and family members of those who are struggling.
Protect them, and help them be an instrument of freedom from this enslavement.

We pray for parents who see their children struggling with this,
O Lord, we pray a special blessing on them,
That You might strengthen them and filled them with wisdom
As to the best course of action to bring healing to their sons or daughters.

We pray for those who are abused by this industry,
For women especially who are taken advantage of,
Their dignity assaulted by unscrupulous men who
See nothing but dollar signs in their bodies.

We lift up our leaders at every level
In our communities and churches,
In the legislature and in the courthouse,
In the military and the White House.

We pray protection from this
And awareness of the problem and
The struggle of so many.
We pray for courage to deal with the issue.

Let us be a help to them.
Let us not just be agents of light, exposing the darkness,
But also a healing hand to mend the wounds of so many
Who are left in the wreckage of the storm of pornography addiction.

Above all, let us impart hope;
Give us the opportunity to remind them
That there is a God in Heaven who cares about them
And Who is able to deliver them from everything and anything.

Increase our faith, O Lord.