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For America (Day 21)

By November 26, 2014Prayer
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Precious Father, this day we bring
a prayer of thanksgiving for Thee.

For Your wondrous works are numerous around us;
Your creation is beyond imagination:
The sky, alive and picturesque,
The vast space beyond, with its galaxies, and stars, and rings,
The mighty ocean both calm and menacing,
The caressing of the wind on a mountaintop,
The colorful, playful flowers and the steady, strong trees.

You, O Lord, have no equal.

We thank You, exceptional God for
The sweet laugh of a newborn baby,
The calming tone of a mother,
The comforting, security-imparting words of a father,
The boldness of the young,
The wisdom of the old,
The counsel of a godly friend;

For consolation, after many tears,
For a pardon, after an offense,
For correction, after a mistake,
For Your mercy, for your amazing grace.

Oh God…
Who can match Your lovely deeds?

We thank You
For freedom, for liberty, for law.
Thank You for history and men and women of God.
Thank You for Your church and pastors and ministers
And those who seek You above all.

We thank you for those who lift up their voices
To bring glory to Your name
In every area of life
In times of struggle and of peace.

We thank You for this year and for this day and for this hour;
We thank You for your patience;
We thank You for the opportunity to shine a light in darkness;
We thank You for the opportunity to affect positive change around us.

Thank You for America.
Thank You for our land.
Thank You for the people
And for the Gospel that helped
Shape its ethos.

Thank You for the revelation on Your Word
That can help us rediscover our true self.

Thank You, thank You, thank You,