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For America (Day 20)

By November 24, 2014Prayer
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We cry out for Your justice and mercy, O Lord, our God!
Your judgments are righteous; Your statutes benevolent.
You are the hope of the poor and oppressed.
We cry out on their behalf.

We cry out for holiness and goodness,
Kindness and peace, goodwill towards men.

For You did not come into this world to condemn it,
But that through You we may have life
And have it more abundantly.

Give us that life, Father.
Give us of that living water
You offered the woman at the well
That we may be free from sin.

Help us to control our tongues.
Let us be agents of light and reconciliation.
Give us the words of your Gospel.
Protect us as we stand for Truth.

For stand we must, O God!
We know this.
We are not ashamed of your Gospel,
For though it is foolishness to the world,
To us it is the power that leads to redemption.

Help us expose the deceits of the devils
Who pervert Truth for pride,
Leading many astray,
Turning what is good into what is bad
And what is bad into good.

They tell lies about You
And mock You.
We tremble for their fate;
We pray for their salvation.

We pray also for those of a heavy heart today,
Those who have lost loved ones —
Spouses, sons and daughters, brothers, sisters,
Mothers, fathers, and grandparents.

May they feel your embrace through these
Difficult days of mourning and sorrow.
We pray for those who lack the resources
To eat, or have a home, or take care of their families.
We pray Your provision upon them.

We pray you give us the opportunity to give
Till we are completely spent
In Your holy ministry!

May it be so.