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For America (Day 19)

By November 22, 2014Prayer
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What wonderful mysteries You have hidden for us
In Your Creation, O Heavenly Master.
The wonder of it all brings awe to our minds
And our spirits.

Open our eyes that we may see
That Hand behind every perfect gift.
O let us not miss
Your many manifold works.

This land You have given us
Is a never-ending reason
To bring worship and glory
And honor and thanksgiving to You.

May we appreciate it;
May we care for it;
May we protect it;
May we lift it up to Your service.

For it is You who created everything;
You created us,
And not we ourselves,
As Your Word directs.

May You have dominion over everything,
All of creation,
Including these imperfect vessels
Bearing Your image as testimony of Your greatness.

What a wonderful thought, O Lord,
That we all bear Your image,
That we all proclaim You,
Even if, and while, rejecting You.

It brings a smile to our faces
And a wonderful peace,
Realizing how foolish we are to worry,
To have an anxious heart,
When we know that, ultimately,
You reign!
You reign on high!
We magnify Your name!