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For America (Day 17)

By November 20, 2014Prayer
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Eyes to see
And ears to hear.
That is our prayer today
Most gracious LORD and Father.

We are in such desperate need of Your counsel.
Our sight is limited;
Our perspective is skewed;
We calculate with all the wrong data.

You are the opposite.
You are Omniscient.
Nothing escapes Your sovereign will;
No one and nothing is outside Your reach.

What comfort!

We pray You would move us in line
With Your Word and Your Truth.
Let not our pride get in the way
Of our worship of You.

The purpose of our lives is to bring
Glory to Your Name forever.
We will sing praises to Your Name,
To the Rock of our salvation.

We come into Your presence with thanksgiving.
We shout joyfully to You with psalms.
We will proclaim Your great deeds among men,
And declare Your perfect statutes among the nations.

That You may increase and
We may decrease
Shall be the desire of our hearts
In holy fear to submit our will to Yours.

Let that be the church’s cry;
Let that be our country’s plea.

For there is no hope apart from You.

In Jesus Christ, Your Son, we pray,