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For America (Day 16)

By November 19, 2014Prayer
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O precious Lord and Heavenly Father,
May all seek Your face, day and night.
May America be a nation that will forever
Proclaim, “In God We Trust” with boldness and zeal.

We intercede for our judges, protectors of justice.
We pray that you will renew their commitment to their call.
We ask that their thirst for righteousness will be insatiable.
May they find wisdom in You and only You.

We pray for their families,
We pray protection and good influence on them.
We pray that their task be not too strenuous,
But that they may see the goodness they can impart
By following that high moral personal standard
Which You have given us.

We pray for our Supreme Court Justices.
May they remember their origins;
May they remember You, their Maker,
As they contemplate the task to which You have called them.

We pray wisdom, concern, understanding and restraint for them.
We pray that humility and the fear of God
Will rule their hearts
For all the days of their lives.

Let them not be persuaded by pride.
Let them never be tempted by bribes.
Let impartiality and Truth reign at the U.S. Supreme Court
And throughout every courtroom in our land.

May Your commandments be observed and upheld
Not only in law but in our lives.
Help us to fulfill Your vision for us.
Let us never stray.

In Jesus name,