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For America (Day 15)

By November 18, 2014Prayer
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Do not cast us off, O God,
Do not leave us to our own devices.
We ask for forgiveness for our multiple sins.
And today, especially, for the sin of abortion.

We grieve for the millions of unborn babies
You created, and we destroyed.

We have no excuse;
There is no answer
But to call out for Your mercy.

We plead for forgiveness on behalf of our country.

Help us turn from our wicked ways, Holy God.
Remember Your church,
Which You have purchased with Your blood,
And help us be the change needed in our land.

Help us be Your hands and feet
To the hurting women and men
Who have been touched by this
Horrible sin.

We have confirmed what You said from the beginning,
That the wages of sin are death.
For death and destruction, pain and regret,
Loneliness and abandonment is what is left
After abortion.

Forgive us.

You are our only hope —
Not government, or the courts,
But You.

Your Word is life;
Death is not the end.
We can be free through the blood of Your Son, Jesus.
Help us see You above all!

We pray that all families affected by abortion
Might feel Your embrace and that they
Might accept Your forgiveness.

In Jesus Christ, our Lord and Hope,
Our Peace and our Strength
We pray,