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For America (Day 14)

By November 17, 2014Prayer
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We Praise Thee, Oh God!
May all Americans praise You,
For who You Are
Indeed, may all the Earth glorify Your Name.

Rich and poor, low and high,
Whatever our background, wherever we are,
May we seek You and pursue righteousness
above all.

Give us a heart to serve,
A heart to love.
Give us the strength to endure,
And the wisdom to discern.

Why should we fear this present age,
Yea, even the future ahead?
If we know that You stand in the end,
How can we be afraid?

We pray, oh Lord, for our members of Congress.
Give them wisdom and clarity of thought.
We pray Your presence in their lives
In very real ways.

We pray for men and women of God
To come alongside them,
Encouraging them in Truth and Love

As they consider our immigration laws,
May You guide their every thought.
We know Your ways are not ours,
So we pray Your special revelation from above.

Bring unity where no one thought it possible.
Gracious Lord, we pray humility for us
And them,

We pray an end to the exploitation of our fellow men.
We pray a renewal of courage and duty,
Honor, and character.

Help us obey Your every Word.
Help us appreciate one another.
Help us support a government that allows
For the freedom of Your Word to abound.

We pray for every man, woman, and child
In these, Your United States.
We pray for Your church.

Help us, in Your Name,