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For America (Day 12)

By November 15, 2014Prayer
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Heavenly King and God,
Blessed are those who dwell in Your presence,
For in it there is joy and peace,
Calm and serenity.

What mysteries You hold,
To give freely to those who would seek You!

We praise You. …

We lift up our President, Oh God.
We tremble at the thought of the authority You have given Him.
We pray he may feel the weight of the accountability
To which You will hold him.

That he may know in all humility
That only with Your help
Can the impossible task You have given him
Be accomplished.

We pray His eyes will be on You
And the people You have entrusted to him.
We pray He may discard the counsel of those
Who seek their own interest.

We pray for his spiritual maturity, growth, and renewal.
We pray for his family; we ask for protection and a blessing.

We pray for strength and clarity;
We pray for wisdom from above.
We ask for Your love and correction where needed,
And we ask for your affirmation and encouragement as well.

We pray that we, Your people, would be a help to him.
We pray for our humility and loving support towards him.
Forgive our pride, and help us stand strong.

Help us always to stand in Your statutes
That we may be a light that shines Your Word,
No matter what the circumstances.

Help us to endure affliction in love and with joy.
Let us bring hope to our land.

May that be our role.

In Jesus’ Holy Name we pray,