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For America (Day 11)

By November 14, 2014Prayer
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Do not keep silent, oh Lord;
Do not let us mishandle Your Name.
We accept Your perfect will,
And we pray Thy will be done
In America and all the earth, as it is in heaven.

We trust You for Who You are.
You are the Almighty, the Most High,
Our Maker, Our Rock,
Our Savior, and our Stronghold,
The God of all our comfort,
God of grace and hope and love
And peace.

You are the Living God,
A God of Truth and justice and righteousness.
You are our King, our Avenger;
You are our longing, Our Father;
You are our Lord and Master

Help us to live according to Your statutes, Oh God.
We cannot do it without Your help.

You are our Confidence and Hiding Place,
Our light and our Refuge,
Our Deliverer, our Song,
Our Wisdom and Strength.

To whom shall we Go?
Who can deliver us from our own pride?

Only Jehovah. The Great I Am.
Elohim. Immanuel.

Holy, Holy, Holy is Your Name!
Yesterday, today, and forever