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Eye Witness Account: Traditional Values Win Over “Pro-Transgender Activists” in Virginia School

By December 16, 2014Virginia
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It’s been thirty-three years since Jesus set me free from homosexuality. I had always imagined by now I would be traveling the country speaking in churches about the Living Christ and how He delivered me. As I drove through the rain and dark to the Gloucester County School Board meeting, I knew that the Lord had certainly called me to a different “mission field”.

When I pulled into the school yard, I saw people walking briskly towards the building from all directions. I quickly parked the car by making a space at the end of one of the rows. As soon as I caught up with a walker, I checked to make certain I was headed to the School Board meeting and not a sports event.

Upon entering the auditorium, I felt the extreme “heat wave” the hot vote of the night was creating. As I removed my coat, I passed by the line of people signing up to speak and proceeded to the front where there were a number of empty seats.

The very first seat I asked about was reserved for Gavin Grimm, the girl who thinks she is a boy and is demanding her right to use the boy’s bathroom and boy’s locker room. All of sudden, I realized I had chosen to sit near the “fan club” section for Gavin.

My second seat inquiry landed me on the second row aisle seat beside the speaker’s podium. After I put my coat down so I could sit on it, I looked up and locked eyes with Gavin Grimm who was seated two rows behind me. In that brief moment, I hoped she felt the love of the Lord from me as compassion swelled up inside. She looked away and then looked back and locked eyes one more time.

Over an hour was given for public comments. Those wanting to make bathrooms gender neutral used the same “sound bites” we have heard from “pro-homosexual” activists for years: it’s natural; we have separation of church and state; we’ll be sued, and we’ll lose federal money. One minister even played the “judge not” card and called this the civil rights issue of today.

Earlier in the month, the ACLU had sent a threatening letter to the Board much like they have sent to pastors in the past, and Equality Virginia hosted a meeting to brief the School Board on transgenderism.

The side that wanted to keep normal bathroom policies far outnumbered the supporters for transgender bathrooms. When a minister led off with Judeo-Christian comments, I felt like I had stepped back in time when it was normal to proclaim the Lord in schools. As the speakers continued, it became very apparent that traditional values were alive and well in Gloucester County, and the residents were not afraid to say so.

Despite all of the propaganda attempting to incite fear, the School Board of Gloucester County voted 6 to 1 to keep girls’ bathrooms for girls and boys’ bathrooms for boys. Students suffering from gender identity issues will be provided a gender neutral bathroom.

School Board member, Carla Hood, who had previously proposed a recommendation to keep the present policy and add an alternative bathroom for students with gender issues, took the lead. She gave an excellent presentation making it clear that the seven individuals on the School Board wanted what was best for all students in K-12.

Hood pointed out that she had conducted much research on both sides and wanted to first explain what this issue was not. “It’s not about civil rights. It’s not about allowing people to be themselves. It’s not about bullying or intimidation”, said Hook. She went on to add, “We’re talking about one thing and one thing only –respecting everyone’s dignity and privacy.” The one dissenting Board member was of the “progressive philosophy” and attempted to frighten the members into voting against the proposal and make all the bathrooms gender neutral.

It was so refreshing to attend a meeting where “the ridiculous and absurd” lost and the traditional values that made America great won for all of the kids and families in Gloucester County Schools.

As I drove home, I burst into joyful laughter as it dawned on me that the Lord had allowed me to give my testimony before the School Board of Gloucester County and the multitude of people at the meeting. Mission accomplished.

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