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Elena Kagan “a liberal political soldier, not an impartial jurist”

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Washington, D.C. – This morning, Mario Diaz, Esq., Policy Director for Legal Issues for Concerned Women for America (CWA), participated in a press conference in front of the Supreme Court to address the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. Diaz was joined by representatives from the Committee for Justice, Center for Military Readiness, Liberty Center for Law and Policy, and Americans United for Life.

Diaz said of Kagan’s nomination, “Contrary to the ‘blank slate’ the White House media machine has tried to sell the American people, an objective review of Elena Kagan’s record reveals a surprisingly clear picture of who she is. Kagan’s record is that of a liberal political soldier, not an impartial jurist.

“And that is the real danger of this nomination. If Kagan, even with her radically liberal ideology, had a clear record of respect for the Constitution and judicial restraint, then we would not have this problem. But when you believe, as Kagan has stated, that judges can ‘steer the law in order to promote certain ethical values and achieve certain social ends,’ then it is clear your impartiality must be questioned and you should never be a judge anywhere, least of all on the highest court in the land.

“This issue is beyond politics. CWA would oppose a judge willing to circumvent the law to achieve the results we want. Judges must follow the law and the Constitution as written.

“CWA members and state leaders from several states around the country came yesterday to the Capitol to talk to their senators about this nomination. They expressed a feeling that is palpable to them at the state level: Americans believe the real problem we have is an Executive, Legislative and Judicial branch that continually overstep their Constitutional boundaries. And we are tired of it.

“Elena Kagan’s nomination is just the latest symptom of this disease that has infected Washington, D.C. She should never be confirmed as the next justice of the Supreme Court.”

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