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CWA Resonates with Women. Gloria Steinem? Not so much.

By June 24, 2010Blog
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As I’ve said here and here, 2010 is not only the year of the woman, but the year of the conservative woman.


Gloria Steinem, the well-known feminist and ardent pro-abortion supporter, when asked by CBS News anchor Katie Couric why all these conservative, pro-life women are now coming forward and winning elections, said that she defends “their right to be wrong” and that they are winning because of the success of the women’s movement.


Setting aside her extreme abortion position and supposed revolutionary quote about defending the pro-life woman’s right to be wrong, pro-life and conservative women are winning elections because that’s what Americans want.  More Americans are now pro-life than pro-choice, and they see the harm the feminist movement has done to our country and are looking to strong, traditional women to change it.


Conservative women — moms and wives, sisters and daughters — are standing up because they’ve had enough.  They’ve had enough of the “feminists” telling them pornography is empowering.  They realize the consequences that have come with abortion-on-demand and a complete lack of care and compassion for both the woman and her unborn baby.  They’ve had enough.


Half of the Tea Party movement is made up of women, and women vote.  And now these conservative women are running for office.


Whether or not you agree that the feminist label is even worthy of conservative women (not the other way around), it is clear that the women taking the national stage as our congressional leaders will be more in line with Concerned Women for America than Gloria Steinem.